About Helium

The KnownSpace Helium Project represents the latest incarnation of the open-source software built in Java to serve as a common platform for worldwide research and collaboration in artificial intelligence, networking, and user interfaces. Helium continues the legacy of KnownSpace by demonstrating the power of the Knownspace kernel through the development of a simple, flexible and extensible email navigation application. Helium exists in both developer and consumer forms.

You are invited to participate in the KnownSpace Helium Project. Our team consists of a wide range of developers and users. The first step in contributing to the project is to subscribe to our developer mailing list.

About Knownspace
Why Helium?

Helium is important for several reasons:

  • Helium implements an email tool that provides valuable features and, we humbly submit, is rather cool.
  • Helium demonstrates the power and flexiblity of the KnownSpace architecture.
  • Helium provides a gateway to the KnownSpace architecture, marking a path for discovery and investigation that is more accessible than previous implementations.
  • Helium exercises the KnownSpace kernel, exposing bugs, missing features and performance issues.
  • Helium documents the use of the KnownSpace architecture for future developers.
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Where is Helium?

Helium may be downloaded and tested as a Java Web Start application from the application download page. Source is also available and access to the CVS repository is coming soon.

Helium is made available under an Apache-style license.

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