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If you have questions about this documentation or suggestions for its improvement, please send mail to helium@burningchrome.com.

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Download Helium using Java Web Start Now

Download Helium Web Start

Helium is available for download as a Web Start application or as source. If you want to give Helium a quick try or want to use the latest release Web Start is the way to go. If you want to work with the code we recommend that you get the source and try the Web Start version.

The Helium applicaton and source are made available under the terms of the KnownSpace License.

Each time you start a Web Start application, if the network is available, the home repository will be checked for an updated version. If an updated version is available, it will be downloaded.

Java Web Start is included with releases of J2SE since 1.2. For more information, see the Web Start page at Sun. Web Start allows software to be packaged and distributed in an easy, one-click fashion. Under Linux, Web Start is included but not installed. If you use Linux, you can find Web Start in a zip file in your JRE directory.

Helium requires the 1.4 version of the Java Runtime Environment, however if you do not have this but do have Web Start, the correct version will be downloaded for you when you download.

The Web Start download of Helium has been tested with Windows XP, recent versions of RedHat Linux, and Solaris. If you have it working in another setting, please let us know.

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Download Helium using Java Web Start Now

By default Web Start applications do not have direct access to the local filesystem or network. To get this access, required for Helium, the Heilum.jar file must be signed. At this time we are using a test certificate so you will see a Security Warning saying the certificate could not be validated. Click on "Start" to get past this.

Please refer to the user documentation for information on how to use and take advantage of Helium's features.

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