Class DataManagerEventAdapter

All Implemented Interfaces:
DataManagerEvent, EntityValue, Serializable
Direct Known Subclasses:
AddEntityPoolEvent, AttachLinkEvent, DetachLinkEvent, DisposeGuiRequestEvent, EmailConfigurationRequestEvent, EmailDisplayRequestEvent, EmailMetadataSearchEvent, EmailParametersEnteredCollectorEvent, EmailParametersRequestEvent, EmailReplyRequestEvent, EntityDisplayRequestEvent, ExportGuiRequestEvent, GetValueEvent, KernelShutdownRequestEvent, LaunchBrowserWithURLEvent, NewsGroupDownloadRequestEvent, SearchPoolEvent, SearchRequestEvent, SearchResultsFoundEvent, SetValueEvent, SMTPSendRequestEvent, StartedRetrievingEmailEvent, StoppedRetrievingEmailEvent, SubscribeEventGeneratorEvent, UnsubscribeEventGeneratorEvent, WebSearchRequestEvent

public abstract class DataManagerEventAdapter
extends Object
implements DataManagerEvent

This class is an implementation of DataManagerEvent. Its main function is to implement the generic methods required by a DataManagerEvent. This class can be extended by any event to take care of method such as getTime(), getSource(). This class is abstract because it requires any subclass to implement the toString() method required by DataManagerEvent.

Matthew Farrellee
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Serialized Form

Field Summary
protected  EventGenerator source
protected  long time
Constructor Summary
DataManagerEventAdapter(EventGenerator source)
Method Summary
 EventGenerator getSource()
          Report the object that generated this event.
 long getTime()
          Report the time at which this event was created (in milliseconds).
abstract  String toString()
          Report a String representation of the event.
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Field Detail


protected long time


protected EventGenerator source
Constructor Detail


public DataManagerEventAdapter(EventGenerator source)
Method Detail


public EventGenerator getSource()
Report the object that generated this event.

Specified by:
getSource in interface DataManagerEvent
EventGenerator The source of this event.


public long getTime()
Report the time at which this event was created (in milliseconds).

Specified by:
getTime in interface DataManagerEvent
long The time of the event's creation (in milliseconds).


public abstract String toString()
Description copied from interface: DataManagerEvent
Report a String representation of the event.

Specified by:
toString in interface DataManagerEvent
toString in class Object

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