Class DisposeGuiRequestEvent

All Implemented Interfaces:
DataManagerEvent, EntityValue, RequestEvent, Serializable

public class DisposeGuiRequestEvent
extends DataManagerEventAdapter
implements RequestEvent

This event notifies any interested EventHandlers that the GuiSimpleton creator of the Component within guiComponentInfo would very much like for that GuiComponent to be disposed of. This is necessary as AWT event handlers are currently installed within the GuiSimpleton creator class, not by the GuiCollectorSimpleton that collects these GUI components, and dispose() can only be invoked on top-level windowing components (I think).

$Revision: 1.3 $
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Serialized Form

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class org.datamanager.event.DataManagerEventAdapter
source, time
Constructor Summary
DisposeGuiRequestEvent(EventGenerator source, Component componentToBeDisposed)
Method Summary
 Component getComponentToBeDisposed()
 String toString()
          Report a String representation of the event.
Methods inherited from class org.datamanager.event.DataManagerEventAdapter
getSource, getTime
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Methods inherited from interface org.datamanager.event.DataManagerEvent
getSource, getTime

Constructor Detail


public DisposeGuiRequestEvent(EventGenerator source,
                              Component componentToBeDisposed)
Method Detail


public Component getComponentToBeDisposed()


public String toString()
Description copied from interface: DataManagerEvent
Report a String representation of the event.

Specified by:
toString in interface DataManagerEvent
Specified by:
toString in class DataManagerEventAdapter

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