Class ExportGuiRequestEvent

All Implemented Interfaces:
CollectorEvent, DataManagerEvent, EntityValue, RequestEvent, Serializable

public class ExportGuiRequestEvent
extends DataManagerEventAdapter
implements CollectorEvent, RequestEvent

This event notifies interested GuiCollector subscribers that there is a new Component to be added. The Component is wrapped in a GuiSimpletonInfo class that maintains additional Identification information about the GuiSimpleton (currently a String name that may or may not be unique, depending on whether or not the Component is allowed to have multiple instances of itself). This has not been fully implemented yet. The Identifier should probably be implemented as a GuiIdentifier class (or we could conceivably re-use the Identifier class in the kernel, ughrk to that though).

$Revision: 1.3 $
Team Helium
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Field Summary
Fields inherited from class org.datamanager.event.DataManagerEventAdapter
source, time
Constructor Summary
ExportGuiRequestEvent(EventGenerator source, GuiSimpletonInfo info)
Method Summary
 GuiSimpletonInfo getGuiSimpletonInfo()
          Returns the GuiSimpletonInfo being transmitted by this event.
 String toString()
          Returns a String representation of this event.
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getSource, getTime
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Methods inherited from interface org.datamanager.event.DataManagerEvent
getSource, getTime

Constructor Detail


public ExportGuiRequestEvent(EventGenerator source,
                             GuiSimpletonInfo info)
Method Detail


public GuiSimpletonInfo getGuiSimpletonInfo()
Returns the GuiSimpletonInfo being transmitted by this event.

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public String toString()
Returns a String representation of this event.

Specified by:
toString in interface DataManagerEvent
Specified by:
toString in class DataManagerEventAdapter

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