Class EmailCompositionInitiatorSimpleton


public class EmailCompositionInitiatorSimpleton
extends GuiSimpleton

Provides a GUI with a button to initiate the comosition of a new mail message.

Nested Class Summary
Nested classes inherited from class org.datamanager.kernel.Simpleton
Simpleton.Information, Simpleton.Priority
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void process()
          Runs this Simpleton.
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dispose, exportComponent, exportComponent
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clone, getInformation, getPriority, setInformation, setPriority, start
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Constructor Detail


public EmailCompositionInitiatorSimpleton()
Method Detail


public void process()
Runs this Simpleton. Makes an empty message entity to which replies can be faked and then makes a button to click to initiate a new message.

Specified by:
process in class Simpleton

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