Package org.datamanager.simpleton

Provides a central holding place for all Simpleton classes.


Interface Summary
EmailMessageComponent Displays an optionally-editable email message in an unspecified JComponent onscreen.

Class Summary
BasicEmailMessageComponent Provides a rudimentary layout and display of an email message.
BasicEmailReplySimpleton Provides an exportable JPanel in which a user may reply to an email message.
BasicEmailSearchViewerSimpleton Provides a basic interface for viewing email search results.
BasicEmailViewerSimpleton Provides a basic email viewing interface.
BrowserLauncherSimpleton This class will handle the LaunchBrowserWithURLEvent by using JNLP to launch the default browser with the URL contained in the Event.
DocumentTermMatrixBuilderSimpleton This simpletion will handle the AddEntityPoolEvent.
DummySSLSocketFactory A custom SSLSocketFactory for generating SSL sockets used by JavaMail for access to secure IMAP stores.
DummyTrustManager A simple TrustManager implementation that accepts all certificates without validation.
EmailBundleSimpleton Starts the email application with all the required simpletons in the order required.
EmailCompositionInitiatorSimpleton Provides a GUI with a button to initiate the comosition of a new mail message.
EmailConfiguratorSimpleton Basic GUI Email configuration implementation that queries the user for their email store username, password, host, folder, and access protocol information.
EmailDisplaySimpleton Provides a GUI to view one single email.
EmailGuiCollectorSimpleton Initial stab at EmailGuiCollectorSimpleton.
EmailMessageEntityHelper Provides a convenient way to access the attributes of an email message represented by an Entity.
EmailMetadataSearchSimpleton This class handles the EmailMetadataSearchEvent.
EmailParametersRequestHandlerSimpleton This Simpleton is responsible for handling EmailParametersRequestEvent-s.
EmailRetrieverSimpleton Retrieves some email from an IMAP server and creates corresponding Entities for that email in the Pool.
EntityNavigateUI EntityNavigateUI extends the Touchgraph user interface GLNavigateUI to provide a way of display Entities in Knownspace and firing display events at the appropriate time.
EntityViewerSimpleton Providesa a JTree view of the Entities in the pool and each Entity's value and attributes.
InterpreterSimpleton Provides a Java interpreter in a window.
KernelShutdownSimpleton KernelShutdownSimpleton handles KernelShutdownRequestEvents and invokes System.exit(0).
NewsConnection A class used for interfacing with a NNTP server.
NewsGroupDownloadSimpleton This Simpleton's job is to go to a news group and download a list of articles.
SearchCollectorSimpleton Simpleton that starts all of the Simpletons used for searching.
SearchHandlerSimpleton Simpleton that handles SearchRequestEvents, performing the requested searches and generating SearchResultsFoundEvents.
SearchResultsViewerSimpleton Simpleton that views search results.
ShutdownSimpleton ShutdownSimpleton fires KernelShutdownRequestEvents when its big, red, button is pressed.
SMTPSendSimpleton This class attempts to deliver a message described by an Entity with an SMTPSendRequestEvent over SMTP.
TabularEmailDisplay A GUI that displays a list of email messages in a tabular format.
TextSearchSimpleton Search simpleton for text-based string searches of entities.
TouchgraphEmailDisplaySimpleton Provides a GuiSimpleton containing a TouchgraphEntityDisplayPanel that displays TouchgraphEntityNodes.
TouchgraphEntityDisplayPanel A class for displaying Entities with touchgraph.
TouchgraphEntityEdge TouchgraphEntityEdge is a touchgraph Edge between Entities.
TouchgraphEntityNode TouchgraphEntityNode is a touchgraph node representing an Entity.
WebAndNewsSearchSimpleton This class displays to the user several advanced search options.
WebCollectorSimpleton A collector simpleton for starting Simpletons used for downloading web pages and doing searches of the web.
WebPageDownloadSimpleton This Simpleton has the job of downloading a URL.
WebParsingSimpleton This Simpleton takes the contents of the Entity and parses all of the URLs located within it.
WebSearchSimpleton This Simpleton hangs around until it gets a WebSearchRequestEvent.

Package org.datamanager.simpleton Description

Provides a central holding place for all Simpleton classes. The Simpletons are the workhorse of the KnownSpace environment. They perform small, computational actions upon Entities.

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