org.datamanager.activeentityvalue Provides classes and intefaces for entity values that are active.
org.datamanager.clustering Provides interfaces and implementations for clustering Entities in the datamanager.
org.datamanager.constraint Provides the interfaces and classes for Constraints.
org.datamanager.event Provides the interfaces and classes that implement Events.
org.datamanager.exception Provides exceptions to be thrown when the unexpected occurs.
org.datamanager.kernel Provides the kernel of the KnownSpace datamanager.
org.datamanager.passiveentityvalue Provides EntityValue classes for Entities that are stored in a passive fashion: that which was stored is that which will be retrieved.
org.datamanager.persistence Provides the DataAccessObject interface that supports persisting KnownSpace state through a variety of mechanisms.
org.datamanager.simpleton Provides a central holding place for all Simpleton classes. Provides a selection of classes that provide general utility methods used throughout the KnownSpace environment. Provides classes used to circumvent the security restrictions of the kernel.


These are the javadoc for Helium, an implementation of the KnownSpace architecture.

Helium is made up of a sizable number of packages and classes. For an overivew of the system see the developer's documentation.

See the Helium Website