Package org.datamanager.kernel

Provides the kernel of the KnownSpace datamanager.


Interface Summary
EntityValue EntityValue serves as a marker interface for all the values that an Entity can have in the official releases of Knownspace.
EventGenerator EventGenerators are able to generate events.
EventHandler EventHandlers can handle events.
Persistable Persistable interface that datamanager persistable objects implement.

Class Summary
AbstractEntityConstraint This class is an abstract EntityConstraint.
AbstractEventConstraint This class is an abstract EventConstraint class.
CachingProxyEntity Entities that proxy for and lazily cache the information of other Entities.
DataManager This is the startup code for the datamanager.
Entity The major workhorse of the DataManager, Entity is an abstract class which only implements the create() method and the default, no args constructor.
GuiSimpleton This is the superclass of all Simpletons that can export() a GUI component via the ExportGuiRequestEvent.
GuiSimpletonInfo This class contains references to pertinent information about a GuiSimpleton.
JispIdentifier A class of Identifiers for use with JispEntityManager.
KernelGUISimpleton The overall interface for the Hydrogen version of the DataManager.
KernelMemory This class will cooperate with SuaveEntityManger to manager the object in the memory of the knernel.
Pool The Pool is a collection of Entities.
Simpleton A generic process to implement arbitrary entity and event manipulation.
Simpleton.Information Encapsulates information that describes a Simpleton.
Simpleton.Priority Encapsulates a Priority that can be used to control thread priority.
SimpletonList A SimpletonList is an abstract way to maintain an Entity that holds all the Simpletons that can be run in the system.
ThreadMonitorSimpleton Provides a way to monitor the running threads in KnownSpace.

Package org.datamanager.kernel Description

Provides the kernel of the KnownSpace datamanager. Simpletons, the Pool, Entities and the EntityManager exist in the kernel package.

The kernel package is supposed to provide for a level of security between kernel activity and activity that occurs outside the kernel. Because of Java's weak protection model this does not really happen.

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